Bridge of Measurement Technologies

TOYO Corp brings world class foreign technology to Japan and APAC engineering to contribute to their Industrial Development. TOYO Corporation is one of Japan’s pre-eminent specialists in the all-critical area of measurement, providing comprehensive and integrated support in the core triad of hardware, software and education. TOYO Corp’s aim is to provide customers and clients with thoroughgoing and all embracing service, while engaging in constant and on-going feed-back with suppliers and developers. The ultimate objective to serve as an effective interface in all endeavors. We only sell 1 division of TOYO - SYNESIS. We are an Information and Communications Technology (ICT) reseller. Synesis description: Synesis is an appliance-type large-capacity packet capture system for the purpose of communication failure analysis of high-speed traffic. Packet to implement an application that can be parallel processing at high speed, you can capture packets continuously without missed the 10M / 100M / 1G / 10G / 100G Ethernet line. - See more at: Toyo Corporation

Some of the areas in TOYO Corp’s play an important role include:

  • Measurement instruments for the automotive industry.
  • Measurement instruments for oceanographic research.
  • Measurement instruments for the cell phone industry.
  • Packages for network analysis.
  • Software solutions for all aspects of measurement.
  • Need-based hardware-software solutions for high-level measurement applications.
  • Training courses and programs.
  • Comprehensive maintenance and repair services.